albero slow life

Our philosophy applied to tourism reflects the principles of slow-life, together with the concepts of green, sustainability and responsibility.

We believe these values have a fundamental role in getting a deeper understanding of the Planet in which we live and the cultures that populate it. The principle is the preservation of its infinite beauty, diversity and richness for future generations.

We want to immediately reiterate the importance of alternative tourism for the development of local communities, the protection of tradition and cultural and natural heritage.

These beliefs are supported by the professional honesty and openness, helpfulness, passion and enthusiasm that drive us.

We wish to be the spokespersons of a way of thinking and life, which we therefore apply with care to the VolcanoHub suggestions too.

We engage in the same way with all interested parties: travelers, tourist entrepreneurs and local communities, giving the right amount of importance to each of them in order to foster the protection and sustainable growth of the territories involved.

We suggest travelers engage in a tourism of curiosity, respect and discovery; we incentivize structures that are receptive to the preservation of territorial characteristics as common goods and invaluable values.

On one hand we confront directly each client, supporting his necessities in a customized way in order to make him feel integral part of the territory he visits, so that he may benefit the most from his experience; on the other, we establish rapport with our suppliers, starting from a humble and honest dialog and we verify their quality thanks to our direct knowledge.

We therefore aspire to be a link that connects our clients to local actors, enabling immediate and clear communication between the two parties and guaranteeing the quality of suppliers and the services they offer. In short, we want to get travelers in touch with the receiving community and also help the locals open up to the World.

With this in mind, we believe that it isn’t just famous names that deserve recognition, but that numerous small entities exist, that are worthy of our attention and are often the ones that we would like to introduce you to.

Indeed, from a purely touristic point of view, without neglecting the main attractions, we prefer to guide travelers towards minor and truer destinations, to live their experiences to the fullest and with authenticity.