We address all those people who need to make use of various types of services in Italy and Japan, whether for pleasure or for work.

In the tourism sector, supported for the sales operations by tour operators and local travel agencies, we offer the following professional services: tourist package plan, creation of itineraries, ticket offices, assistance, accommodation, private transport, tourist guides and interpreting in Italy and Japan.

In the business and individuals sector we offer contacts and we worth with professionals and/or businesses in the sector: language services, sales advice, support for those who intent to live in Italy or Japan, video-photo services.

We also organize events, courses and experiential days with various professional figures and meetings with local producers, for both tourism and business.

Our approach is innovative and customized for each client: our staff, our associates and our partners are ready to find solutions for any type of need by locating relevant services and optimal strategies.

In this regard we remind you that our offers are customizable and within reach of everyone and that, not being tied to third-party suppliers, we select them on the basis of the best quality-price ratio.
If you have any doubts and/or need a service that was not mentioned, do not hesitate to contact us, we are certain that together we will find the best solution to your case.

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